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I am a level 3 qualified personal trainer with additional coaching and martial arts qualifications and instructorships. I have 12 years experience, have trained around the world and competed internationally.

I'm also a man who has dealt with the many challenges of building muscle in the gym and personally struggled for years to transform my own physique. 

I have been weightlifting for many years but in the past found myself following the wrong advice and wasting countless hours in the gym. I struggled to gain weight and build strength and my goal as a personal trainer is to educate my clients to ensure they do not fall into the same pitfalls as I once did.  

I have studied extensively and develop individualised programmes for all my clients that have them lifting weights they never thought possible. 

My approach is to create a programme that best utilise your time and ensures you are not wasting energy and effort following a routine that will not best serve you. 

If you find the fitness industry a difficult one to navigate, you are not alone. The  advice online can be contradictory and overwhelming - but I am here to help. 

I want you to feel great about yourself and know that your goals are 100% achievable. 

Image by Victor Freitas
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