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Lifting Weights



If you are interested in face to face personal training sessions we will need to first arrange to meet or FaceTime for an initial consultation.

During the consultation I will ask you questions about your goals and any specific requirements you may have. It is important for us to establish where you are in your fitness journey, where you would like to be and when you would like to get there. 

Once we've had a chance to discuss your goals, I will design a programme just for you and get you booked in for some face to face sessions in my private studio. 

All my programmes come with the option of home workouts and nutrition advice in addition to our 1:1 sessions. Depending on your availability and the type of investment you would like to make pricing starts from £40 per 1 hour session.


If you are interested in online coaching, we will begin by arranging a FaceTime call to discuss your goals and what you would like to achieve with an online coaching programme. 

Once we have established your goals and a realistic timeframe, I will develop your individualised programme. 

You will get 3 workouts a week that align with your goals and availability. You will also have access to my app to track your workouts and progress. I provide  video tutorials for all movements and make myself available for form checks and weekly progress updates through the app or via FaceTime or phone call if preferred. 

All online coaching programmes include nutritional advice. 

My online coaching programme costs £60 per month.


In addition to the strength training programmes, I offer 1:1 kickboxing and filipino martial arts lessons.

If you would like to train martial arts only, I will design a syllabus for you aimed to meet your specific goals.

If you would like to do a combination of strength training and martial arts, I can incorporate martial arts training into your strength programme. This is a great way to combine a muscle building programme with a cardio routine for improved all round fitness. 

1:1 martial arts lessons start from £40 per 1 hour session. Discounts are available for students of Masters Academy Bristol.


Where are you based? 

My purpose build home gym is based in Whitchurch, Bristol. It is fully equipped and 100% private. This means no waiting around for gym equipment or feeling intimidated by others in the gym. It is your own space to train. 

How long until I see results? 

I ask for a 3 month commitment to allow time for real results. 

Is personal training right for me? 

My programmes are designed for those who are struggling to achieve their fitness goals alone and would like to commit to achieving real results. If you have a specific goal in mind and a timeframe in which you would like to achieve it, I can help you get there. 

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